The Downloaders suite provides system administrators with the ability to configure routine scheduled downloads of market information from Independent System Operators (ISO) within the US, enabling pertinent data to be published to your PI System using the PI Universal File Loader (PI-UFL) interface.

Product Highlights

  • Automatically downloads ISO and other web files to your local system for processing by the PI UFL interface

  • Runs as a Windows service or interactively from the command-line
  • Native support for forecast, hour-ahead, and day-ahead markets using “future” data tags when used with PI Data Archive 2015 R2 or later

  • Each plugin comes complete with the appropriate PI UFL interface settings file and tag configuration settings strategy to enable quick and easy data integration

  • The PI UFL interface itself must be licensed separately and directly from Aveva

  • Uses a plugin model to provide access to an extensible catalog of data sources, such as:

    • PJM (public data and eDataFeed)
    • ISONE
    • NYISO
    • CAISO
    • ​​NOAA Weather

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